Jason Marine Ltd.

Communication, Navigation & Automation Systems

  1. Communication

    The marine communication equipment and systems that we sell are typically used for voice communication, data transfer and internet connection. Our communication systems also include intercom, public address and general alarm (“PAGA”) applications.

  2. Navigation

    The marine navigation equipment and systems that we sell are designed to determine a vessel’s position and direction, and controlling the movement of the vessel from one place to another.

    Jason also works with the following partners for navigation, search & rescue and entertainment’s marine equipment:

    • ACR Electronics – Search and rescue equipment
    • Amesys International – ROV, speed logs, hull fitting, sensors
    • Farsounder – Sonars
    • FloScan – Marine fuel flowmeters
    • Jotron – Communication, GMDSS, navigational equipment
    • Kannad – Distress beacons
    • Koden – Radar, echo sounder, sonar, chart plotter, GPS
    • Navico – Navigational equipment
    • Navis Engineering OY – Dynamic positioning systems
    • Raytheon Anschüetz – Navigational and communication equipment
    • Samyung Electronics – Communications and navigational equipment
    • Sea Tel – Entertainment equipment – TVRO,VSAT, SATCOM
  3. Automation

    We offer an array of functionally advanced and user-friendly solutions designed for monitoring and controlling the ship’s mechanical and electronics systems and machinery, which may include applications from small stand-alone alarm systems to fully integrated control systems which include ballast control and power management.

    Rockson Automation

    Integrated Control and Monitoring System Rockson Evolution V5


    • Unmanned machinery space solution
    • Alarm and monitoring
    • Auxiliary systems control
    • Liquid cargo management
    • Ballast water management
    • Bilge management
    • Power management

    Robust system components for harsh marine environment

    • Hot-standby process server
    • Multifunction input/output modules
    • Network and fieldbus redundancy
    • Integrated earth fault monitoring
    • Easy replacing of system components

    User interface

    • Ergonomic user interface
    • Multiple language selection
    • Capable of touchscreen operation
    • Visualization based on vector graphics

    Communication interfaces

    • OPC UA
    • Modbus TCP
    • Modbus RTU
    • NMEA IEC 61162
    • CAN J1939
    • Remote access via secure communication gateway

    Dynamic Positioning System

    Navis IVCS (Integrated Vessel Control System) is a modern dynamic positioning system providing full control of a vessel's movement by using the vessel's existing propulsion and thrusters. Based on powerful engineering solutions, comprehensive mathematical modeling and integrated navigational sensors, Navis IVCS allows precision maneuvering during critical operations and holding the required position regardless of sea and weather conditions.

    Main areas of application for Navis IVCS include:

    • Offshore supply vessels
    • Oil & gas tankers
    • Drilling vessels
    • Pipe and cable laying vessels
    • Anchoring and buoy setting vessels
    • Dredgers
    • Cruise ships
    • Hydrographic survey vessels
    • Tugs
    • and other applications

    Designed in full compliance with IMO, DNV and other official standards laid down for DPS, Navis systems stand out for their accuracy and reliability, user-friendly touch-screen interface and an array of unique features.

    Navis NCS solutions are available in a variety of configurations to meet the individual requirements of any type of vessel.